Price:  60 USD PP
Children policy: under 3 years -free of charge, 4 -11 years- half price
Starting time: 10:00

Wine-making is one of the oldest occupation of Georgians! It is not for nothing that almost everyone associates Georgia with wine. Adjarian wine route offers the possibility to travel through a beautiful landscape of the mountainous Keda region sampling locally produced wines. You will get acquainted with the local customs and traditions of the region in the museum, which was built by locals. There is a family wine cellar in the village, where visitors can taste local wines and dishes.

During the tour you will visit:

  • Kapnistavi village and amazing nature that is located 26 kilometers from the Black Sea city of Batumi, is known for its waterfalls, an open-air museum, old mills, and beautiful hiking trails in nature.

  • Queen Tamar bridge and Makhuntseti waterfall – One of the must-visit attractions is Makhuntseti waterfall which is remote from Batumi to 30 km. This is one of the highest waterfalls in Ajara – a real pride of local residents.

  • Wine factory KTM owns 4 ultra-modern wine and brandy factories all over Georgia. Two factories located in Kakheti and two in Guria/Adjaria. All of the factories are equipped with the latest “Della Toffola” equipment, starting from thermoregulation to wine filters and stainless steel tanks. Their goal in Adjara is to revive ancient grape varieties that  Adjaria has to offer and produce the finest wines of West Georgia.

  • Zvare Church which is surrounded by splendid vegetation and mountain river. The church is built on the edge of cliff and overlooks the river Adjaristskali. Zvare St. George Church is functioning since 2003.

  • Makho’s Marani – winemaker with unique homemade wine technologies, you will have opportunity to try Chacha and his tobacco.

The price includes: transportation service, lunch, entrance tickets, a qualified tour guide.The price includes: transportation service, lunch, entrance tickets, a qualified tour guide.