The most beautiful places in Georgia. Medieval fortresses merge with breathtaking nature leaving every person, who visits this province at least once with unforgettable impressions. While traveling to the villages of Tusheti you feel as if time has stopped and you travel in the middle ages.

Tusheti boasts unique cultural heritage monuments, remains of ancient villages and rich folk crafts. The historic region is exceptional for its picturesque landscapes of alpine meadows and coniferous forests, among other fantastic place to visit in Georgia.


Duration: 4 Nights/ 5 days 


First day:

Departure from Tbilisi to Tusheti. You  will pass Kakheti on the way. You will have a rest in the city of Telavi and you will have lunch here. Before starting the Tusheti serpentines, you will stop at the Alaverdi Cathedral (the eleventh-century church that is the tallest in Georgia). You will continue the road through the Stori gorge and through Tusheti Pass (height 2690 m) we will reach Tusheti. You will stay in the village of Omalo and have dinner at the hotel.

Second day:

Breakfast at the hotel. Then you will visit the Omalo Medieval Towers and the Ethnographic Museum. In the afternoon you will head to the village of Shenako and the village of Diklos, where you will visit the Trinity Church, the pagan shrine near it, Salude and Diklo Castle. On the way, you will stop at the pine forest for a picnic. In the evening you will return to Omalo, to the hotel and have dinner here.

Third day:

Breakfast at the hotel. You  will go to the village of Dartlo. On the way you stop at the most beautiful view of Kue. In Dartlo you will see the traditional Tush towers, you will see the gathering place of the elders of this valley and continue the way to the village of Farsmi. The village of Farsma leaves the impression of being cut off from civilization. There are several traditional (pagan shrines) in the village, as well as the Parsma Towers. In the evening you return to Omalo Hotel and have dinner there.

Fourth day

Breakfast at the hotel. Departure to Tbilisi. On the way to Kakheti visit Ikalto Monastery and the Medieval Academy. Then a tour of the fourth-century castle, Ujarma. In the evening, accommodation in Tbilisi.

During your stay in Tusheti, you can walk on horseback, as well as a master class on traditional Tush dish, khinkali.