Day 1- Arrival in Batumi international airport 

Check in Hotel
Evening tour in Batumi city
We offer you to plunge into the charm and magic of the Night Batumi. Different colors, million lights, the greatness of architecture of almost all styles. Then you will continue the tour to visit:- Old and New Part of Batumi with its famous The Piazza Square covers about 5700 square metres and is surrounded by the Piazza complex, which includes a hotel, a couple of restaurants, a café and a pub. The architecture is distinguished by mosaics and stained-glass art. Live music is performed here daily in café La Brioche and the square usually hosts concerts of world-famous musicians visiting Batumi.

Batumi city
Europe square, Neptune’s Squares, Old Boulevard, Dancing Lazer Fountains.
Ali and Nino Statue – Tamar Kvesitadze’s statue was erected in Georgian coastal city of Batumi in 2011. Its height is 8 meters. The monument represents figures of a man and a
woman moving in circles for about 8-10 minutes and eventually passing through each other, forming one whole body for several second. The monument was inspired by a novel called Ali and Nino, written by Azerbaijani author, Kurban Said. It tells the story of an Azeri youth who falls in love with a Georgian woman but dies defending his country from invading Russian army. The statue traveled to Venice and London before finding
its permanent place in Batumi.
You will have boat trip and will experience colorful Batumi from the Black Sea cost
Overnight in Batumi

Day 2- Batumi  – Gonio – Botanical Garden
After breakfast you will have opportunity to see Gonio Castle – Gonio’s fortress, an impressive piece of RomanByzantine military architecture, covers 47,000 sq metres within a rectangle of high stone walls with 18 towers. Built by the Romans in the 1st century
AD, it was occupied by the Byzantines in the 6th century and by the Ottomans in the 16th century.

Botanical garden
An interesting little museum sits in its midst, with a cross outside marking what’s believed to be the grave of the Apostle Matthias. Then visit Botanical Garden (one of the largest in the world), boasting one of the widest varieties of flora in the world, Batumi Botanical Garden was established in 1912 by the prominent botanist and geographer Andrey Krasnov. The garden is 111 hectares and contains flora from nine phyto-geographic areas.
Free time for swimming on green cape

Lunch in picturesque Batumi fish restaurant
Overnight in Batumi

Day 3 – Mountainous Adjara 

Mountainous Adjara is famous for its rich and diverse natural beauty. The average height of the surrounding mountains is between 2000-2500 meters where visitors can discover the amazing waterfalls, a big variety of different flora and fauna, mineral waters with unique medicinal qualities. Here you can feel the real authentic taste of village life.

Gvara fortress

During the tour you will wisit:
Chorokhi and Acharistskhali river confluence,  Mirveti Waterfall,  Medieval bridge of Mirveti, The medieval fortress of Gvara,  Machakhela rifle monument, Medieval Bridge of Tskhemlara, Waterfall of Kvemo Chkhutuneti, Ethnographic Museum of Machakhela. 
Lunch in a local village family with folklore show
Overnight in Batumi

Day 4 – Wester wonders 
One of the most hospitable regions of Georgia – Imereti – will open for you several of its wonders of Prometheuse Cave and Okace canion.
Also known as Kumistavi Cave, the Prometheus Cave Natural Monument is a karst cave found in Tskaltubo district within the Imereti region of Georgia. Situated 40m above sea level the cave is 11km long, of which 1,060 meters are open to tourists. It has 22 halls, 6 of which are open for exploration.

Sections of the Prometheus Cave system are truly impressive. Inside, visitors can admire a wonderful array of unique stalactites, stalagmites, petrified waterfalls, cave pearls, hanging curtains, and underground rivers and lakes.

Prometheus Cave is part of a massive cave system unified by an underground river. To date, approximately 30km of the river has been explored, which is almost half of the whole length of the cave system. The cave features 4 distinct rock layers that were formed over 60 million years during different stages of the Earth’s development.

In 1985, the cave was transformed into a tourist destination. By 1989, a 1km long pedestrian trail had been laid out inside the cave, paths and stairs were built, a 150m long tunnel was carved out at its exit, and construction of ground-floor buildings started. The cave was also furnished with temporary lighting. Soon after, small tourist groups began to visit.

According to legend, Amirani, just like Prometheus, angered the gods and was punished. However, Amirani was not chained to a rock, but inside a large cave believed to be Kumistavi. Also may interesting stories is connected to that place that guide will whisper to you at the cave.

On May 26, 2011, Prometheus Cave was refurbished and reopened to visitors. Today, in addition to being a top tourist attraction in modern Georgia, the cave also serves as a popular venue for Georgian weddings.

But even without the legendary connection that gave the cave its name, Prometheus Cave is quite impressive. or a short boat trip through the underground lake. Prometheus caving tour can be enjoyed on a pleasant hour-long walk

Okatse canyon, enjoy the spectacular view of which you will be from a height of 140m, walking along the bridge stretching over the green precipice; Okatse Canyon is a great place to relax and hike in nature. There is a wonderful garden and bridge at 50 meters above canyon. Firstly, you get relaxed, but when you stand on bridge you adrenaline rush in the body.

– Lunch-feast in the house of the Georgian family, traditional dishes of the Imereti region and homemade wine.
Additional information: get dressed in sportwear, in the cave a constant temperature of 14°
C. Children below 110 cm are forbidden to enter the canyon, children under 5 years old are not allowed to enter the cave..

Day 5 – Batumi
Severe, recalcitrant mountains challenge the most courageous!

Breathtaking Goderdzi Pass situated at the height of 2366m is a home of newly made Goderdzi Ski resort. The wilderness setting offers the visitor unique experiences, fresh-air and world-class scenery. Pristine forested mountains create a fantastic setting in the winter, summer and, most dramatically, when the autumn colors create an intense display.
The colorful alpine village of Khulo, cable car in the mountains, fabulous beauty Green Lake, surrounded by wild coniferous forests and of course picnic in nature.

Additional information: dress sportswear and comfortable shoes (sneakers), warm clothes for the evening (sweater, pants).

Day 6 –  Dendrological park – Ureki – Park of miniature. 

You will plunge into the sea of greenery and flowers with enchanting aromas, as well as relax on an unusual beach with black magnetic sands.

Drive to Shekvetili Dendrology park with its sweeping scope, unique and diverse collection of plants, the perfect setting for studying biodiversity, and original landscaping, all of which makes it exceptional in every way not only in Black Sea area but also in the entire region. Incorporating 60 hectares of land, this garden features thousand odd species of local and exotic flora in full splendor.


Next destination where visitors can swim in the pleasantly warm waters of Ureki’s Black Sea. Because the beach has a gentle slope, the waters are rather shallow. You will, therefore, have to wade out about 300 meters until you can no longer stand. Active travelers can also engage in water sports such as jet skiing, kite surfing, parasailing, and water slides.

You can also go for sunset walks on the beach. But just be careful walking barefoot in the sand in August as surface temperatures reach 28 degrees Celsius, which can burn you. That said, this temperature is perfect for therapeutic sand baths. This is because the minerals produce the greatest effects when warmed up. To get the full medicinal benefits of Ureki’s magnetic black sands, you should bury yourself in it! Simply dig a hole in the sand and wait for the sun to thoroughly warm it up. Get inside the warmed hole and cover yourself in the sand up to just below your heart. Sit for half an hour and then get out of the sand bath and wash off in the sea. In no time, you should be feeling energized and refreshed!


On the way back to Batumi you will have opportunity to drive to Amusement park and see “Georgia in miniatures”

Day 7 – Batumi 
Free day
Day 8 – Batumi 
Transfer to Airport

On your free days you can choose any other interesting place from excursions and discover any amazing corner in Georgia.