Balneological Resort “Tbilisi-SPA”

The history of Tbilisi city begins with sulfurous waters, for centuries people used it as baths. Tbilisi Balneological Resort became operational in 1938. The doctors working here

were the elite of medical professorate. In 1998 the building was granted a status of cultural heritage.

Balneology resort does not have any analogy in the world. The similar resort – capital in the world is in Budapest, in the Czech Republic (Karlovy Vary) and in Germany (Baden-Baden).

Currently the Center offers unique natural curative factors: mineral sulfur water baths, volcanic medicinal mud applications, physiotherapy, therapeutic, health-improving massages: classic, manual, Thai, anti-cellulite; neurological rehabilitation for children and adolescents. The services will be provided with experienced medical personnel: therapist, neurologist, arthrology specialist, endocrinologist, dermatologist, gynecologist, pediatrician, and otolaryngologist.

The center provides treatment and rehabilitation of cardiologic, peripheral neurological, urological, endocrinologic, dermatological, pediatric, gynecological, bone joint system diseases.



The best known and popular Georgian resort of Borjomi is placed in the magnificent gorge, between Meskheti and Trialeti ranges. Slopes of ranges are covered with wide deciduous and pine forests. River Mtkvari which has two tributaries on the territory of the town – Borjomula and Gujaretistskali – divides Borjomi in two parts. The major wealth of the town is mineral water of volcanic origin known in the whole world for its therapeutic properties and

considered a measuring stick in evaluating mineral waters. Benefits of Borjomi mineral waters were enjoyed for centuries. This is proved by 7 baths made of cut stone uncovered by our archeologists and dating from the beginning of our age. In the end of XVI century settlement in the Borjomi gorge due to non stop invasions of outer enemies became nearly deserted and existence of springs also for a long time remained in limbo.


The health resort Sairme is located in the south of Kutaisi, 950m above the sea level and administrativly belongs to the Bagdati municipality. This place has the unique location, healing springs, ecologically clean environment and beautiful nature. It is located in the mountainous area of subtropical zone. A spa center- equipped with the latest techniques of one of the leading German company “Kraft”- functions in the resort . Complex of a quite a large volume offers sanitation procedures of any kind.

Guests also have the opportunity to use the polyclinic, located on the territory of the hotel “Sairme” and serving guest for 24 hours. Therapeutic, cardiology, urological services are available in the clinic.The clinic is equipped with modern laboratory and ultrasound.

There are also arranged comfortable biuverts for mineral water, upgraded power supplies, café-bar and market building, the well-equipped garden, 28 km of new road connecting Bagdati and Sairme, the renewed resort internal roads, modern resort services , etc.

Balneological resort Sairme’s mineral and thermal springs’ medicinal qualities were already well known in the 19th century. The springs flow as several little springs on the territory of the resort. They are different from one another by their chemical composition and medicinal treatment qualities, after the conducted chemical analysis the springs were each given a specific number, the uniqueness and medicinal treatment capabilities of each of the springs was precisely defined, contemporary type buvettes were built, which makes the process of drinking water out of the medicinal springs and the determination od correct dosage for the guest more comfortable.

List of curable  illnesses:

Pump room№1: Urinary calculus disease ( treatment of chronic kidney disease, salt diathesis, as well as prophylactic treatment)

Pump room №2: Bile-pebble diseases (chronic cholecystitis, chronic hepatitis, not aggravated form, as well as for  prophilactic purposes)

Pump room №3: Disturbance of metabolism (diabetes, salt diathesis, arthritis, osteochondrosis)

Pump room №4: Gastrointestinal diseases (peptic ulcer,increased or decreased acidity, colitis).

Thermal Baths

The thermal spring comes from the depth of 1500 m and its temperature is 43 degrees. The thermal baths are used to treat the following diseases:

1.bone-joint system illnesses (Arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis).

2.Neurological system illnesses (Neurosis, neural-circular dystonia, blood circulation problems).

3.Sugar diabetes (non insulin dependent).

4.Dermatology (Skin allergic illnesses, psoriasis).

5.Stomach-intestinal illnesses (colitis, allergies,) – (colon cleaning/therapy is conducted).

6.Invazireba/invasion (the existence of warms in children) (small scale washing out sessions are conducted).

7.Chronic Urinary – genital system illnesses (non acute forms, cystitis, prostatitis and etc…).


Tskaltubo is one of the most popular resorts in the former Soviet Union. Its thermal waters are used to treat about 70 diseases. Tskaltubo is located 7 km from Kutaisi and 250 km from Tbilisi, at an altitude of 100m above sea level. It’s climate is sea humid subtropical, with a quite warm winter and hot summer.

Resort Tskaltubo is incomparable for its medicinal qualities. The waters of Tskaltubo are unprecedented not only among mineral, but also among thermal waters. Natural water is warm, reflects the temperature of the  human body and thus is applied wirhout heating.

Tskaltubo’s natural healing facilities are also caves, the micro climate of which is used to treat asthma,angina pectories,hypertensive disease and pneumonia  Neurosis. Sunbathing  also possible in appropriate weather conditions.

Thermal springs of Tskaltobo have a special property:

when moved to another place, the water loses healing qualities. Therefore baths are arranged directly at the spring, which means that no hotel in Tskaltubo has its own therapy baths. To avoid any discomfort for the guests, “Tskaltubo Plaza” provides free transportation to the points of thermal sources where guests can receive all the necessary treatments.

List of Curable Diseases


Skin diseases

Gynecological diseases

Prevention of urological and/or andrology diseases

Diseases developed as a result of the damage of the endocrine system and metabolism.

Bioli Medical Wellness resort

A medical wellness resort located in Georgia, only 15 km far from Tbilisi, in Kojori recreation zone, at 1150 metres above sea level.

BIOLI is the only wellness resort in the world which is focused on a leading theory of premature ageing – the theory of an oxidative stress. Wellness programs that are created based on this unique concept guarantee scientifically measured improvement of well-being and disease resistance.

Lopota Lake Resort & Spa

Resort visited by tourists from all over the world. The resort currently comprises 186 spacious rooms spread out in 14 blocks around the private natural lake. The huge enclosed territory includes outdoor and indoor pools, sauna, steam room and jacuzzi, fitness center, restaurants, outdoor bungalows and bars, basketball and volleyball courts, mini golf course, fishing area, stable and horse-riding area, Lopota Forest Spa, Château Buera and many more entertaining facilities for adults and children.

Lopota Lake Resort & Spa, a pioneer resort in the country, is poised to continue expansion. In the near future, the resort will open a new upscale business hotel, professional indoor & outdoor tennis courts, water park & various entertaining facilities for children, jazz club, brewery, fish restaurant and many more fascinating spaces that will further strengthen the resort’s positioning as a major premium family resort not only in the country, but in the region and beyond.